Finding Your Heart

These two stories are the result of a conversation I had once with the late author Patric Michael, who said I should take a story and make a het version and a gay version some day. The idea, of course, is that the story isn’t about gender, but emotion. The male Casey isn’t a flamer just because the other version of Casey is a woman. While there are authors whose gay rom seems as if they took a het love story and changed the gender, making the character who was changed seem uber feminine, that’s just not me. I don’t write like that. Men are men and women are women, which is why this story isn’t exactly the same in each incarnation. However, the reason it mostly is the same is because love is love. And gender doesn’t really play into it when your life is miserable and your only shot at love has been lost.

The #1 version of the story is no longer available. I had too much trouble with readers not understanding the whole idea behind the two stories. They left bad reviews because they didn’t take the time to read the WHY. So I sadly took down the het version, Finding Your Heart I. But since Love is Love, I did leave version II up.


Finding Your Heart II

After the worst Christmas Casey has had in years, the urge to go home overwhelms. Standing in front of the house he grew up in on a bleak New Year’s Eve, he acknowledges that what he once thought of as home is gone. Filled with despair, he sees that his life is a barren wasteland and he has no energy or hope left with which to change it.

When a man exits the rundown house, his long legged stride carries ghosts of the past right into Casey’s present. Never had he imagined that he’d run into the man he’d lost a lifetime before or that the man would own the house that had always been a symbol of home to Casey. But Paul is there and he’s never forgotten the love they shared so briefly. Casey’s New Year’s quest to find reasons for his existence becomes a homecoming he never expected when Paul opens his heart. It’s only then that Casey discovers the answers to life are as simple as finding your heart.

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