Shifting Winds – Tales of the Darkworld Book One

M/F, dragons/vampires, erotic paranormal romance



Elysia Granville is gun-shy when it comes to men. A previous relationship went belly-up in a very public way, in front of hundreds of her peers at a Funeral Guild Convention. The one man who helped her on that humiliating day has always stuck in the back of her mind although she avoided him as much as she avoided other men. His kindness to her that day, matched with his tall, dark handsomeness, made her fall a little for him. Despite her crush, she’s never sought him out. Until now.

Declan Antaeus is a big man, athletic, muscular–and a black dragon shifter. With his clan mark of tribal lines creating a twisting dragon that curls from his back and over his shoulder, he’s masculinity with a capital M. But Declan’s got a soft spot for vampire Elysia Granville. He’s been secretly in love with her since he first met her while she was still engaged to the man who eventually dumped her at the convention. He’s been waiting for a chance to get close to her, to finally touch her. And he finally gets it on Halloween, of all nights.

One Halloween funeral industry costume party. Two immortals with a crush. One night they will never forget. But can a home-and-hearth dragon like Declan turn one night into the forever a gun-shy Elysia so secretly desires?

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Reviews for Shifting Winds

Rated: 5 Tombstones from Bitten By Books!

“Even though a good portion of this story involved the bedroom, it managed to be sweet, romantic, and more touching than most full romance novels. There’s something about two people beating themselves up with their unrequited love that tugs at my heart strings. Add in family members who aren’t above trickery to ensure their happiness and you have a five tombstone read.”

Rated: 5 Kisses from Two Lips Reviews!

I love how Lex Valentine brings so much emotion and connection to her stories. I love feeling very invested in the characters. I really am looking forward to reading more from this author in the future. This is a first in the series and you really need to get them all because these dragons are ones you should not miss.”

Rated: 5 from San Diego Erotica Books Examiner!

“Bottom line, this is a book worth reading. It gets a five. Why? It has heat, that burns bright, hot and fast. It is emotional, with just the right amount of heartfelt feelings required in a romance. It is fast-paced, but does not lack anything. All in all, it is a great read that will require you to have the fan on and a tissue box near by. Don’t let this one pass you by.”

Rated: You Gotta Read from You Gotta Read Review!

“I love the way the chapters in the beginning bounced between present and past to show the beginnings of Elysia and Declan’s relationship. All of the characters popped off the page, making them very intriguing and left me wanting more of all of them. The love scenes between the reluctant to commit Elysia and the steamy Declan are well written and hot. I wanted to jump into the book and yell at both of them to see what was right in front of their faces. This is definitely a book to add to your To Read list.”

Rated: 4.75 – A Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Romance!

RTPNORSQ“Shifting Winds is a HOT read that will make you turn on your air conditioning and look for your significant other. Or those of us without a significant other will wish that they can find one as hot as the characters in Shifting Winds. I know that I do. I am willing to bet that you will enjoy her work as much as I do.”

Rated: 4.5 from Just Erotic Romance Reviews!

Shifting Winds was not only a fascinating paranormal romance, but also a great romance for readers who aren’t particularly interested in paranormals. If you like romances with an emphasis on the characters overcoming emotional blocks to find true love, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one.”

Rated: 4 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews!

Lex Valentine has a fun and entertaining writing voice, which I enjoy more each time I read one of her books. Shifting Winds added to that admiration. This book is hot, hot, hot, from the beginning to the end. The plot is simple and well-developed considering the short length of the book.”

Rated: 4 Hearts from Love Romances and More!

“Ms. Valentine delivers a heart stopping ride from start to finish and creates a world that is populated by vampires, dragons and more. The characters are multi-dimensional and the sex is scorching hot as well as has emotional depths that will capture the readers’ heart. SHIFTING WINDS is a novella that will get the reader intrigued with the Darkworld this author has created and eager for more. If you enjoy vampires, dragons and other paranormal creatures, then grab this fascinating series. Just make sure to keep the ice bucket nearby to cool off from all the heat it generates. Ms. Valentine is fast becoming one of my favorite authors and I look forward to more stories from her in the future.”

ParaNormal Romance – “Who knew vampires and dragons could be so hot together?”

Kathy Kozakewich – Reader, reviewer

“I’m totally loving the world that Lex has created and having dragons and vamps in the same story… too, too luscious! The prologue is excellent, both as an introduction to Elysia and Declan as well as to the story to come. The emotions it engenders are heartfelt and set the reader up for an alluring and sexy, yet heartwarming romance. The sex is hot yet it’s more than just aerobic activity… there’s an emotional depth that’s impossible to miss. And there’s just something about the black dragon that really gets me all steamed up. *yum*”