Breathe Me In – Tales of the Darkworld Book 6.5

M/M, vampire/Magia, erotic paranormal romance


Life is good for vampire Wilson North.  His family left him well off. His job as an estate attorney is prestigious, well paying, and non-demanding.  He’s gay and out and never had any issues being either. In fact, until the day he ended up beneath his car, bleeding out and only a few pints of blood from a sure trip to the Afterworld, life had never been a challenge.

When Will meets his destiny in the form of an enigmatic Magia named Garrick Forrester he finds the challenge of his life. Garrick’s gay but doesn’t live an openly gay life.  Instead, he hides his nature behind his ownership of a BDSM club.  The two men instantly know they are mates, but that doesn’t smooth the path to their bonding.  Garrick wants Will but threats from his past convince him that the only way to protect his lover is to leave him. Shocked by Garrick’s ability to walk away, Will struggles to understand why his mate doesn’t want him.  For the first time in Will’s life, something isn’t easy and he must fight for what he needs or give up his chance for happiness.

Drawn together by destiny. Torn apart by self-doubts and fear. Two men on the cusp of a dream must set aside the lives they’ve always lived for a chance at a new and brilliant future.

Warning: This book contains virgin sex between a sexy self-sacrificing wizard who’s never been catcher and an angelic-faced vampire who’s never pitched, a BDSM bad guy with dark magic, a mysterious royal Acerbian, and a host of characters from previous Tales books who do everything from implode buildings to change diapers…all to help two reluctant heroes find true love.



Rated 5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

“Full of great characters and strong emotions this book takes you on an emotional roller coaster. I loved the ride that this author takes the reader on in this book and cannot wait for the next book to come out.”

Rated 4.75 Stars by Reviews by Jessewave

“I love this author because she writes with such feeling and intensity and her characters come alive on the page. Her dialogue moves me…Once again Lex Valentine has written a story with characters who are flawed, but at the core they are wonderfully drawn to appeal to the readers’ emotions. I was sucked into Will’s and Garrick’s world as soon as their mating ritual began…The final scene which was a fight to the finish between vampires, demons, dragons and other paranormal creatures was splendid in terms of its range, intensity, violence and impact and I have to say that Lex Valentine sure knows how to make her books go up in flames.”

Rated 4 Stars from Sensual Reads

Breathe Me In is a lushly written tale that will draw you in and hold you until its end. The author has a special gift of being able to mesmerize her readers. The main characters, Will and Garrick, are fully developed and you can almost see them live and breathe before you…Breathe Me In is a deliciously satisfying read.”

Rated 4 Cups from Coffeetime Romance

“The power of attraction between these two men is so primal that you can almost smell their heat. They crave each other like their next breath, and for every moment they spend together, you just want more… This is a delicious addition to the Dark World series, and if read in order, each of the characters and their stories will just melt your heart.”

Rated: You Need To Read from You Gotta Read Reviews

Lex Valentine’s amazing Darkworld series continues with Breathe Me In. Such a great read, delving into Wilson and Garrick’s lives. Old characters make guest appearances and love triumphs. No complaints, just great reading.”