Other Books

Books No Longer Available

The Darkworld Universe which includes Tales of the Darkworld, the Encounters shorts and the Watchers is no longer available in digital format. Some used print books may be available on Amazon and some books are still available in Audio. For the audiobooks, see the Audiobooks page.  The Darkworld books will be coming back out via Lexicon Publishing.

Partners, Shadows and Kink Book 1 (co authored by VJ Summers) – This book is no longer available.

A Very Cougar Christmas – This short story will probably be self published with a new cover at Kindle Unlimited.

Unbreak Me – This book needs to have the shared world elements removed and then it can be selfpubbed via Lexicon Publishing.

Scrambling – This book will end up in my agent’s hands as soon as I finish the sequel, Out of the Pocket.