Other Books

Books No Longer Available

The entire Tales of the Darkworld series is no longer available in digital format. Some used print books may be available on Amazon and some books are still available in Audio. For the audiobooks, see the Audiobooks page.  The Tales books will be coming back out at Loose Id, probably in 2017.

Tales of the Darkworld: Shifting Winds, Hot Water, Fire Season, Common Ground, Ride the Lightning, Sunstroked, Breathe Me In, Holiday Hearts, Colin Cuffed, Blood Play.

Partners, Shadows and Kink Book 1 (co authored by VJ Summers) – This book has been contracted by Loose Id and should be out in 2017.

The Encounters Shorts – Weylyn’s Gift and Magic Lessons: These two short stories will probably be self published in 2017 in Kindle Unlimited.

The Christmas Cowboys Series – Christmas Hookup, Christmas Catch, Christmas in Hell, Christmas Wishes, Cupid Christmas. This series will be coming out at Decadent Publishing. Cupid Christmas is still available in audiobook. Christmas Catch and Cupid Christmas are MM. The other stories are MF.

A Very Cougar Christmas – This short story will probably be self published with a new cover at Kindle Unlimited.

Insolence and Rock My World – These two former EC books may go to Loose Id to be republished but I haven’t decided yet.

Mating and Runaways – The two Watchers books may be recovered and put out on Kindle Unlimited in 2017.

Scrambling – This book will end up in my agent’s hands as soon as I finish the sequel, Out of the Pocket.